1975 - 2018 Celebrating 43 Years
    Meeting Turbine Operating Challenges
        A Proud Heritage -- An Exciting Future


5199 North Mingo Road
Tulsa, OK 74117
Contact: Sales@Braden.com
Toll Free: 800-272-3360 FAX: 918-272-7414

For over 45 years, Braden is a global leader in the power generation industry for design, manufacture, installation and retrofit of auxiliary equipment for gas turbines. Braden’s products cover the entire auxiliary scope for a gas turbine, from inlet air filter houses, inlet ducts and plenums with acoustic silencers to exhaust plenums or diffusers, outlet ducts, simple cycle stacks, exhaust silencers, or bypass damper and stack systems for combined cycle applications, With thousands of systems in service for nearly every combustion turbine model, Braden has earned an international reputation for unparalleled quality and customer service. Please visit our website for more information www.braden.com.
Braden offers:
            • Air Filtration
            • Inlet Cooling/Heating
            • Silencing
            • Ehaust & Inlet Ductwork
            • Diverter Dampers
            • Simple Cycle SCRs
            • Diffusers & Plenums
            • Spare Parts & Filters
            • Installation & Technical Advisor Service
Our Sales Staff and Engineers work closely with customers providing the answers to our clients needs. With proprietary designs and numerous global manufacturing locations, Braden can provide an outstanding solution.
Braden......the preferred choice.


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