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Contact:  Jo Ann Pacinelli
Email:  Pacinelli@ecospray.eu
Phone:  (412) 427-0133
Website:  www.ecospray.eu

ECOSPRAYTECHNOLOGIES specializes in the development, design, manufacture, supply and servicing of innovative technologies and systems for the treatment and/or cooling of air and gases.  Ecospray fogging technologies increase the performance of equipment used in energy generation by recuperating the capacity and thermal efficiency losses resulting from increases in external/ambient temperature.  Secondarily, at the same level of production, polluting emissions are also reduced.  Ecospray ECO-Fogging includes both Internal and External Air Intake Systems and Wet Compression Systems.

Ecospray DeNOx technologies are among Ecospray's most proven and efficient, upon which our Company has become well established as a competent and reliable partner to our customers.  Ecospray has successfully implemented over a hundred systems for the abatement of nitrogen oxides worldwide.  Ecospray ECO-NOx Systems utilize Topsoe catalysts specifically designed for use in gas turbines.

For more information, please contact:  Jo Ann Pacinelli, Senior Partner & Business Development Manager, North America, Pacinelli@ecospray.eu, (412) 427-0133.


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