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For nearly five decades, Emerson Power & Water Solutions has been an industry leader in providing control solutions for every aspect of the power generation process, including turbine operations.

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The basis of our turbine control solution is the Ovation™ control system. With Ovation’s proven, reliable technology, we ensure safe, continuous control and monitoring of your turbine operations under any plant conditions. It offers unique features that a generic control system just won’t have – like fully coordinated boiler-turbine control, automated startup and shutdown sequencing, specialty turbine interface cards, built-in security features, and embedded advanced control applications that can dramatically improve plant reliability and efficiency. For new construction projects, Ovation offers seamless integration with the OEM’s turbine control system to provide a fully-integrated, single system for your plant. Unlike other systems, Ovation is designed to allow users to easily perform diagnostics and modify control strategies to better support long-term plant life cycle needs.

Over the years we have supplied thousands of steam, gas, and hydro turbine control solutions around the world. We have provided complete retrofits to some of the largest names in the industry including General Electric, ABB, Westinghouse, Siemens, Allis Chalmers, Brown Bovari, Toshiba, Alstom, Mitsubishi, Kharkov and more. Emerson’s turbine control solutions offer retrofits to legacy control systems, MHC-to-EHC mechanical upgrades, boiler feed pump controls, product modifications, long-term service agreements, and more.


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Turbine Control Experts
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