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Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis
19 British American Blvd.
Latham, NY 12110
Contact: Kelly Plunkett Tel: 518-399-3616
  Fax: 518-399-3929


For over three decades Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis has proudly offered a vast range of products and services for power generators.


MD&A is one of the largest non OEM turbine-generator repair & turbine engineering organizations in the United States. We provide complete project management, overhaul and reconditioning of heavy rotating equipment worldwide. Our turbine engineering service teams of project managers, technical directors, shop personnel and consulting turbine-generator engineers are supported by a complete network of field engineering resources, enabling us to provide true turnkey outage management.


Today, we continue to expand our turbine repair and turbine engineering talent and employ many of the best minds and technical experience in the turbine-generator repair, maintenance and components industry. Our Technical Specialists provide testing, inspection, training, maintenance and repair of turbo machinery in more than 20 countries worldwide.

We service nearly all OEM equipment with a highly technical, experienced pool of seasoned turbine-generator repair experts qualified in areas such as steam turbine rotor welding.Our commitment is to provide our clients with high quality, on schedule and cost-effective turbine parts & components, turbine repair and steam and gas turbine services that result in repeat business and positive customer feedback.


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