1975 - 2020 Celebrating 45 Years
    Meeting Turbine Operating Challenges
        A Proud Heritage -- An Exciting Future


195 Clarksville Road
Princeton Junction, NJ 08550
Contact: Pamela Grigas Tel: 609-716-4132
Contact: Tisha Davis Tel: 609-716-4038

MISTRAS Group (NYSE: MG) is a leading, global one-source provider of asset protection solutions for combined cycle plants, spanning services and products for inspection, engineering, maintenance, monitoring, and software. MISTRAS │ Triple 5 specializes in manufacturing inspection and monitoring products & systems, including:
  • Acoustic Monitoring System (AMSTM)—early detection and monitoring of boiler tubes leaks
  • Acoustic Combustion Turbine Monitoring System (ACTMSTM)—early detection and monitoring of turbine cracking events
  • Flange Leak Detection System—simple, low-cost tool to identify and locate flange leaks without turbine entry
  • SteamPACTM—industry-leading handheld through-valve leak detection and quantification device


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