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NAES Corporation
1180NW Maple Street, Suite 200
Issaquah, WA 98027
Contact: Michelle Murphy Tel: 425-961-4700
Contact: Darron Pruitt Tel: 425-213-6074
FAX: 425-961-4646

10+ Years A Champion/Super Champion Sponsor

NAES is among the world's leading providers of comprehensive services to the power generation and related infrastructure markets. For over 30 years, NAES has specialized in providing services centered on safe, reliable and cost-effective performance including operations and maintenance; maintenance and construction; staffing solutions; and customized services designed to improve plant and personnel effectiveness.
Combined Cycle Plant
Formed in 1980 by four northwest utility companies to provide project management services, NAES has grown to be the largest independent operations and maintenance services provider due to its systematic reach into the generation marketplace. Over the years the company has expanded its service offerings to include plant maintenance, modification and construction services, engineering and technical support services, and staffing services. Industries served include power generation, petrochemical processing, and refining.
Capable, proven and dedicated to success, NAES delivers safe, reliable and exceptional performance in all aspects of its business:
• Operations & Maintenance
• Engineering & Technical Services
• Maintenance & Construction Services
• Staffing Services
NAES has the seasoned management skills, technical expertise and depth of resources necessary to deliver excellence. NAES experienced teams use proven processes to provide effective management and oversight, exceptional performance and superior support.

NAES has a global reputation for achieving outstanding customer results focused on its customer goals and responding to customer needs. NAES commitment to customer service, quality and innovation spells "success" in any language.

Today, NAES is a growing, innovative company focused on providing value for its customers. NAES has worked in most U.S. states and 20 countries.

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