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PW Power Systems, Inc.
628 Hebron Avenue, Suite 400
Glastonbury, CT 06033 USA
+1 860-368-5900
Andrew Lutz
General Manager, IGT Aftermarket Sales
the Americas and EMEA
ISO 9001:2008    

Repair of an OEM Part

PW Power Systems, Inc. (PWPS) Headquarters San Antonio Service Center

PW Power Systems, Inc. (PWPS) is a world leader in developing and manufacturing energy solutions or power generation, offering products for aero-derivative and industrial gas turbines. PWPS offers a full range of maintenance, overhaul, repair and spare parts for other manufacturers’ gas turbines with specific concentration on the high-temperature “F” class industrial machines. PWPS also offers quick turnaround for parts and repair services utilizing the latest in component technology integrated from Pratt & Whitney® Global Aftermarket Service expertise.

PWPS is committed to providing high-quality solutions for the distributed energy market that increase energy productivity, energy reliability, and operational savings for its customers with over 80 years of turbine engine expertise.
For more information and downloadable factsheets, please visit us at www.pwps.com


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