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PW Power Systems, LLC
628 Hebron Avenue, Suite 400
Glastonbury, CT 06033 USA
+1 860-368-5900
ISO 9001:2008    

FT4000 SWIFTPAC Gas Turbine Package FT8 SWIFTPAC Gas Turbine Package

PW Power Systems, LLC (PWPS) Headquarters

PW Power Systems LLC (PWPS), formerly Pratt & Whitney® Power Systems and now a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd., has leveraged the proven, advanced technology of Pratt & Whitney® aircraft engines and uniquely applied it to complex, power-system solutions to become a leader in the power generation industry.  PWPS offers products and services for aero-derivative gas turbines and has installed more than 2,000 gas turbines in over 40 countries.  The PWPS gas turbine engine portfolio offers competitive, efficient, and flexible products from 30 to 140 megawatts of power.  PWPS is committed to providing high-quality solutions for the distributed energy market that increase energy productivity, energy reliability, and operational savings for its customers.

For more information and downloadable factsheets, please visit us at www.pwps.com


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