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Strategic Power Systems, Inc.
11016 Rushmore Drive
Frenette Building Suite 275
Charlotte, NC 28277
Contact: Sal DellaVilla, Jr. Tel: 704-945-4626
Contact: Lynne Bellizzi Tel: 704-945-4612
FAX: 704-545-5505
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SPS' philosophy is Data First.  Data is what we do.  We are experts in the field of data collection, validation, analysis, and benchmarking of power plant performance across the various technologies.  We provide key performance metrics or (KPIs), following industry standards, to power plant owners, operators, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and other industry stakeholders through the Operational Reliability Analysis Program (ORAP).

This information allows them to make informed business decisions relating to the performance and operational readiness of their equipment.  There is no system in the world that collects power plant data in such a comprehensive way as ORAP.

Mine Data for the Gems of Knowledge
Additionally, owner/operators can utilize OSIsoft PI System's ability to capture real time process data and their secure PI Cloud Connect service to receive a measurable return through reduced manual effort, improved data granularity and fidelity, and access to timely and current RAM and thermal performance metrics available through SPS' ORAP Asset Insight service.

ORAP Asset Insight builds upon the proven industry reliability benchmarks currently provided by ORAP while allowing customers the flexibility to choose additional applications or ('apps') to fit the needs of their plant. Features of those apps include: the ability to track the parameters that influence capital parts age, compliance reporting to NERC GADS, on-demand asset reports using standard Key Performance Indicators, projecting maintenance intervals based on current & future plant operations, and understanding the operating profile of the plant in terms of start time, fuel used, power output, and others.

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