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SVI Dynamics
12261 Nations Ford Road
Pineville, NC 28134
Contact: Scott Schreeg Tel: 219-380-9267

Engineered Gas Path Solutions for Power and Process

SVI DYNAMICS has 25+ years of experience engineering and supplying gas path solutions for power and process applications. We have used our experience in industrial noise control and being an industrial exhaust silencer manufacturer to become a leading turnkey supplier for gas path equipment.

  • Products
    • Absorptive Silencers
    • Tuned Dissipative Fan Silencers
    • Acoustical Panel Systems
    • Steam Vent Silencers
    • Stacks and Ductwork
    • Inspection and Analysis
  • OEM Solutions
    • HRSG/SCR acoustic duct design
    • Acoustical panel systems/shrouds
    • Standardized silencer designs
    • Inlet/Exhaust system upgrades
    • Silencer repairs and retrofits
    • Gas plant hot gas path instpections
    • Fleet wide gas path maintenance

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