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Sulzer Turbo Services Houston Inc.
11518 Old La Porte Road
La Porte, TX 77571
Contact: Stephanie King Tel: 713-567-2748
FAX: 713-567-2830

10+ Years A Super Champion Sponsor

About Sulzer:
Sulzer is a leading independent service provider for the repair and maintenance of gas and steam turbines, compressors, expanders, pumps, generators, and motors. Our worldwide network of over 100 service centers feature capabilities including parts manufacturing, engineering, coatings, at-speed balancing, and field services.
Houston Service Center
At our largest repair facility, located in the Houston, TX area, we specialize in the repair and maintenance of thermal turbomachinery. Our rotor assembly bays and component repair facility, with its fully-equipped metallurgical laboratory, advanced welding chambers, and x-ray capabilities, can accommodate any machine, small or large.
Complete cold and hot section services are offered in the HICoat Division with robotic plasma spray and HVOF applied coatings.
Our at-speed rotor balancing service features a vacuum bunker that can handle rotors up to 50,000 pounds, at speeds up to 40,000 rpm.
On-site manufacturing of blades and impellers is completed using advanced 5-axis machines, backed by precise CMM technology for reverse engineering.
Learn More
To learn more about Sulzer and our rotating equipment services, visit us at www.sulzer.com.

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